Om astral helds mega seminar once in a week. It has numerous benefits including bettering communication skills, getting expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. For instance, this seminar has the purpose of education, such as lecture, where the participants engage in the discussion of an academic subject and be able to get pros & cons of it . They can learn their mistakes and can improve their seminar presentation skills. It is actually a great chance for the students to improve their skills. They are given marks according to their performance individually in each field such as - Body language, Dress sense, Eye contact, confidence, Grammar, Accent, Assignment, special effects etc

Yoga class

Om astral gives some time yoga classes to its students. It has been included in om astrals courses because it has evolved over the course of time to be attributed as the key to maintaining good health and overall well being. Om astral makes yoga the habit of students so that they can have a good and secure health. As we know “ A sound body has a sound mind.”

Teachers/ Professionals Training

Om astral provides the facility of teachers training. It designs to equip teacher with the knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and specially the teaching techniques. Teachers are made to learn to perform better their tasks effectively in the classroom , school, and wider community. It gives the impression that the activity involves training staff to undertake relativity routine tasks. Om astral trains teachers better to stand in school society.

Students Appreciation

Om astral appreciates those students who are performing well in their classes and have better efforts. They are appreciated by certificates, medals, and prizes them in the classroom by which they get a better motivation to develop their skills and knowledge. Appreciation is a way to motivate guys to go forward and develop the path of self development.

Free classes

The real framework of Om astral is it’s free classes. It provides free classes for those students who want to read but they are not able to join the classes. Om astral teaches those students who can’t pay fee but they are more curious to learn and study. They are given these facilities free of cost so that they can be helped and they can have a better life. Om Astral visits such remote area and train the guys willingly, motivate the student, better their communication, computer information. There are several campaingns suc as - 45 days training programme at Bal sudhar grih Deoria (Govt.), 30 days free training camp at GIC for poor student, free campaing at Begam latifunnisa Inter college (Minority college), Camp at Mahila Degree college Deoria, 90 days free training camp for poor student at Anjuman Islamiya Higher secondary school deori

Prize distribution

Om astral distributes prizes and awards to appreciate its students because students can be recognized for a number of accomplishments, including improved academic standing a demonstration of their love of learning or because they have shown exemplary attitude and behavior. Some will be determined to learn. Om astral Gives a reorganization to its students so that they can make an identification in society, school, college and Offices. It is a huge ceremony of Om astral.

Independence Day/ Republic Day

Historical and national festivals are also celebrated in Om astral such as Independence day, Republic day etc. These days are celebrated with some national songs and dance dedicated to our nation. Students are told about their responsibilities and rights towards nation. Also they are told to their good deeds by which they can develop their country.

Grand annual celebration

New year celebration, Cultural activity in the form of Annual day celebration of Om Astral is one of the biggest activity and commendable performance of this institute. It is celebrated on 1st of January each year. On this day we all (Om Astralian ) celebrate the first day of the New Year and also those guys are given chance to perform who really deserves for it. All winners and performers are given prizes for their betterment. who are the winner of district level mega test, the performer of test and seminar are boosted up with scholarship programme and personal touch. Annual Day forms an integral part of our INSTITUTE activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements.